Whether you're choosing a driving school because your teens school doesn't offer driver's
education, or you are choosing one to get additional discount on car insurance, the decision is
not one to be taken lightly.

While proximity, convenience, and price shouldn't  be overlooked, they shouldn't be the sole
decision-making criteria.

Above all, you want to make sure that the prospective driving school is accredited. Depending
on your purposes, you'll want to make sure that it meets either your states requirements or your
insurance company's requirements. If the purpose of taking the class is to get a discount on
insurance, be sure to check directly with your provider, rather than taking the school's word for

If the driving school is not accredited by the sate, you teen will not be able to get a license.

You'll also want to take a look at the school itself. How long has it been in business? Make sure
that the school you choose is clean and well maintained, You should see signs that the school
is adequately funded and able to provide a high-quality, modern driver's education.

Inquire about the course materials that they use. Even though driver's education doesn't
change as rapidly as, say, a computers curriculum, it's important to know that students will be
learning from a well rounded lesson plan and materials, addressing issues like road rage, cell
phones, and text messaging will be discussed.

Similarly, you'll want to make sure that the driving school's curriculum is well-rounded, personal,
and thorough. There are a variety of questions you can ask to help you figure that out.

How many hours of instruction are included in the course?
4 day classes will not provide the instruction your student needs.

Does the course aim to make sure students pass the DMV tests, or is the focus more
on becoming a well rounded driver?
Who does it serve to have a teen that can pass the test but isn't prepared to deal with a variety
of driving situations.

A solid driver education can be one of the best ways to ensure that your teen stays safe and
healthy for the rest of his or her driving future.
Choosing a Driving School